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Eyebrows really frame your face. When done correctly the brows can lift the whole eye area giving a more youthful appearance.
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Using a technique known as Microblading, I create your brow strand-by-strand, for the most natural-looking 3D-like results; perfectly filled-in,and balanced. The brow shape and color is custom-made to your facial structure and preference.

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This is a perfect treatment for people who want to add colour, definition and shape to their lips giving a more youthful, fuller look. A
perfect choice for those who suffer with their lipstick bleeding into the fine lines around their mouth.

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This is a perfect treatment for those who feel bare without make-up. This treatment will enhance the shape of your eyes giving
definition, contour and fuller, thicker looking lashes.

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A hair tattoo, or scalp micropigmentation, is a form of tattoo that gives the illusion of a close shaved cut hairstyle on a bald head. The procedure can also be used to conceal the scars from hair transplantation or to make thinning hair seem thicker.

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My Work

Permanent Cosmetics is my dream career, my love and dedication for cosmetics and
the beauty industry is still as strong as the day I qualified over 25 years ago.
Making my clients look and feel good on the outside as well as within is my ultimate
goal – the results are truly amazing

What our customers say


“I was fed up every morning of applying eyebrow pencil to try and get a brow. I always used to look a people with prominent beautiful eyebrows and think, wow, I’d love to have eyebrows like them. Now I do thanks to Lucy !.They have not only transformed my
features but enhanced my eyes dramatically.”

Jane | Leamington Spa

“Since my initial meeting with Lucy, I have had eyeliner top and bottom done, then went bold on my top lid. No more application of eyeliner, its fantastic. I’ve had my lips done too. I had the lip blush treatment where the outline of my lips were enhanced then the colour blushed into my lips.”

Susan | Wolverhampton

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