Permanent Lip Treatments

This is a perfect treatment for people who want to add colour, definition and shape to their lips giving a more youthful, fuller look. A
perfect choice for those who suffer with their lipstick bleeding into the fine lines around their mouth.
Sadly, we are not all blessed with beautiful, plump lips and as we get older it is common to lose fullness and shape in the lips.
Often our natural colour fades and the vermillion border reduces, making lips appear thinner.

Lucy can create anything from a very natural look to something a little more dramatic. A perfect lip liner to a blush to give you that extra pout, the choice is yours.

Have you previously used lip fillers? Well you can get the same perfect pout with permanent make-up.
By adding a liner to your existing lip shape (fine or defined). Mixed with a lip blush that is blended across
the whole lip area. Lucy will give you that perfect pout without the risk of using fillers.

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