Many of my clients tell me that  I’ve helped transform their lives — finding new self-confidence, enhancing their look by helping them achieve the look they always wanted…. Here’s what some of you have told us:


I was fed up every morning of applying eyebrow pencil to try and get a brow. I always used to look a people with prominent beautiful eyebrows and think, wow, I’d love to have eyebrows like them. Now I Do!  Thanks to Lucy. They have not only transformed my features but enhanced my eyes dramatically.
Lucy is just an amazing person, she made me feel so at ease. The transformation was truly unbelievable!



I looked so much younger, my eyes sparkled and were lifted..

Since my initial meeting with Lucy, I have had eyeliner top and bottom done, then went bold on my top lid. No more application of eyeliner, its fantastic. I’ve had my lips done too. I had a process called blush (where the outline of your lips are enhanced and then Lucy blushes it into your lips). I wanted a perfect pout without having to have fillers and now I have one. My lips are amazing,

If I leave my lipstick at home, then I still have lovely pouted coloured lips. When I add lipstick it just makes my lips look even better.




I am a 44 year old mum of two !!! I go to the gym five times a week . . I used to take ages to perfect my make up . . and when returning from the gym would look in the mirror and think “oh dear “.

These days it takes me five minutes , literally. A bit of eyeshadow , slap on a bit of mascara . . and I’m done and when I have sweated myself to the limit at the gym , I think I still look . . well great , no smudged eyeliner or dripping eye brow pencil and my lips still look like I have colour on all the time .


If I’m going out at night , I just enhance my permanent make up with a little more of my contrasting colours . . and its just amazing .

Anyone who has thought about having permanent make up should have no reservations at contacting Lucy at Beautique , ten years younger is an understatement , its fantastic and permanent !!! . Lucy is so professional and caring ,you instantly feel at ease, and she provides you with full after care routines, to ensure best results from your permanent make up .


The only down side is , I have had everything done now and can’t think of any other permanent make up I can have . .


Julia Gough age 44 Droitwich


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