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Lava Shell Massage

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Lava shell massage is a type of heat treatment that adopts Tiger clam shells as massage tools. Although other forms of heat such as hot stones can be used for massages, stones cool after several minutes of use. However, lava shells generate their own heat based on the movement of them. The practitioner can control the heat of the shells. When the shells are still, the heat subsides.

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Lashes & Brows

Elite Beauty Treatments

IlashHero is a combined eyelash lifting and eyebrow lamination treatment which is a time-saving and easy 2-in-1 procedure. An eyelash lift is a treatment that lifts the natural eyelashes from the root to make them longer, as well as adding volume. Eyebrow lamination focuses on creating shiny and smooth eyebrows. Unlike microblading, there are no needles or colouring involved in the treatment.