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Permanent Lip Liner

Imagine the convenience of having perfectly applied make-up that enhances your features all day every day. No more spending hours in front of the mirror with your eyebrow pencil, or trying to get that perfect straight line with your eyeliner, or even worrying about your lipstick feathering.

With permanent cosmetics by Lucy Foster, you ‘can’ have perfectly applied makeup! Permanent cosmetics is a form of cosmetic tattooing, in which hypoallergenic pigments are introduced into the skin in order to create shadow soft natural tones of colour, that mimics the most perfectly applied make-up.

Because the pigment sits in the skin the effect remains with you 24 hours a day and gradually fades with time. Women of all ages are discovering the benefits of permanent eyebrow, eyeliner and lip colour that looks so natural that even their closest friends do not realise they are wearing it.


This is a perfect treatment for people who want to add colour, definition and shape to their lips giving a more youthful, fuller look. A perfect choice for those who suffer with their lipstick bleeding into the fine lines around their mouth. Sadly, we are not all blessed with beautiful, plump lips and as we get older it is common to lose fullness and shape in the lips. Often our natural colour fades and the vermillion border reduces, making lips appear thinner. Lucy can correct your lip line to give you a proportionate mouth.

Lucy can create anything from a very natural look to something a little more dramatic. A perfect lip liner to a blush to give you that extra pout, the choice is yours. If you’re simply seeking fuller lips Lucy can cleverly blend colours to give you the appearance of a sensual pout. You no longer have to worry about lipstick bleeding in to the fine lines around your mouth.

Consultation & Treatment

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Treatment Areas

Elite Results

What to Expect

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Treatment Time 

10 - 15 mins

Recommended Sessions

6 Months - 6 Sessions

Suitable for

Sagging Facial Skin

Fine Lines & Wrinkles



Smooth Tightened Skin

Evened Out Skin Tone

Reduced Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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