Plasma Elite

Plasma Elite
Plasma Elite provides a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical skin tightening procedures, offering minimal disruption with incredible results. The process works placing a probe near to the skin which produces a micro-millimetre sized pulse of ‘plasmatic lightening’ which then superficially evaporates and causes the immediate surrounding area of skin to contract.
This contraction clearly tightens this area giving you an incredibly natural and youthful look. This process reduces excess skin and in particular can tighten the eyelid/ under eye area, scar tissue and wrinkles around the mouth, on the neck and anywhere on the body that causes concern.
A series of tiny brown spots are strategically placed and the main around the spot tightens pulling the cells closer together.

Treatment prices range from £50-£600

Please note that all the above treatments require you to attend for patch testing with numbing cream at least 48 hrs before your treatment and 45 mins prior to your appointment time for numbing cream to be applied.


Treatment Price

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Frequently asked questions

What is Plasma Technology?

The plasma elite hand piece produces a tiny plasma flash by ionising the gases in the air to for. Plasma which creates a small electrical arc from the probe to the skinin a micro-millimetre sized point.
The plasma produces an energy which vaporises in the immediate vicinity of the skin causing the tissue to contract.
Plasma is formed by the ionisation of atmospheric gases to stimulate contraction and shorten the tissue fibres reducing the skin surface.

Does it overheat the skin?

The tip of the probe is able to precisely direct the arc to the skin in small dots thereby reducing the heat spreading across the skin. Some other plasma units on the market emit too much heat. The Plasma Elite specifically has a finer probe to avoid doing this.

Where can it treat?

Plasma has amazing results for non-surgical blepharoplasty, deep smokers lines, excess skin around the eyes, neck, abdomen and décolleté.

How many sessions are required?

The number of sessions required will vary depending on various factors, It all depends on the individual and the area that requires treating. Older, looser skin will require more than one session but generally between 1-3 sessions are recommended. This will be discussed at the initial consultation

Is there any downtime?

This depends on the client and the area treated. It is normal for sensitive areas such as the eyes to become swollen for between 1-3 days. Some areas may weep slightly and the area will crust before falling off.
We don’t advise attending any important social engagements for around a week after a treatment.

Is there any aftercare ?

The area should be kept dry and treated gently for a few days after the treatment.

A complimentary plasma Elite after care product kit is provided for you to use at home to get the best results from your treatment.

Treatment Price

• Upper Eyelids £400  
• Lower Eyelids £300  
• Both areas £600  
• Brow Lift £250  
• Crows Feet £250 
• Lips Lines £250 for each area top , bottom
• Full Lip resurfacing £600 
• Nasolabial lines £250  
• Crepey Neck £600
• Flattening of Moles £50
• Removal of skin tags or warts,milia £75

£100 deposit will be taken at booking, which is deducible from cost treatment. Book Now To view our our full price list, please click here  

Whats does Plasma Elite Treat ?

  • Excessive loose skin on the eye lid and under the eye
  • Lines & Wrinkles around the mouth e.g. smokers lines
  • Crows feet
  • Removal of skin tags
  • Removal of Syringoma
  • Crepey Neck/Decolletage/Eats lift and firm
  • Acne scars
  • Mild stretch marks
  • Stomach crepeyness
  • Sides of face
  • Pigmentation
  • Red spots/Blood spots
  • Milia
  • Verucca
  • Small tatoos and semi permanent makeup can be lightened.


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