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Skin Tags, Warts, Milia, & Mole Removal

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Skin tags, moles and warts are some of the most common skin growth conditions. They are mostly harmless, but can cause discomfort and can be treated. Skin tags typically occur where the skin rubs together under the breast area, armpits and groin folds. Warts are contagious, and can take several months to appear on your skin. Moles are a common skin blemish, but should always be kept an eye on for health reasons.

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All treatments available for the removal of these skin blemishes are completely safe, and your practitioner will make sure your treatment is comfortable. As a non-surgical procedure, your results will be both safe and quickly visible.

Your consultation will include a run down of your medical history, and the treatment process will be explained to you. Any questions you may have regarding the treatment will also be answered. The treatment takes a relatively short amount of time, and there is next to no recovery time. The results are almost immediate, and the risk of complications is very low.

Procedures to remove skin tags, warts, milia or moles can work on any part of the face or body.

Although your skin will need a few days to heal, you can leave the clinic just as well as going in for your treatment. The area you have treated will dry out, so allow it to heal naturally. The results are instant, and will help you feel physically and mentally better.

Who is suitable to have skin tags, warts or moles removed?

Anyone can have these blemishes removed with a treatment. The procedure is best for people looking to improve their problem areas, as well as boost their self-esteem.


How long do the results last?

In most cases, the skin tags or warts you have removed will not come back. However, new moles, tags and warts can grow.


Is the removal of skin tags or moles safe?

Yes, each procedure is completely safe. Before the treatment, you will have the entire procedure process explained to you and a practitioner will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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