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Many of my clients tell me that  I’ve helped transform their lives — finding new self-confidence, enhancing their look by helping them achieve the look they always wanted…. Here’s what some of you have told us:

Dermal Fillers 
Lucy you have an amazing gift. I am so so pleased with my lips. You made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the procedure.
I recommend her time and time again. Don’t go anywhere else. R Smith

Laser Treatments
Today was my third hair removal laser treatment and I hardly have any hair left it’s amazing !!! I’ve being having treatment off and on for years but it has never gone until now !!! Highly recommended thanks Lucy Foster – T Koumi


Plasma Elite Skin Rejuvenation

I’d give Lucy and the team 10* if it were possible. I’ve been into the clinic and had several treatments over the last twelve months and been being happy every single time however my latest visit has left me speechless. The plasma elite treatment has genuinely taken ten years off my face without any cuts, bruises or scars, I seriously couldn’t be happier and it’s only been just over one week… I’ve got another six weeks of tightening yet – L Edgar


Had my brows microbladed by Lucy yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased.
The clinic is in a beautiful building, with friendly staff, who immediately put me at ease. Lucy is a lovely down to Earth lady, making me feel welcome and confident that I had come to the right place.
Lucy explained the procedure, discussed shape and shade and then drew the design, tweaking to make my shape symmetrical and to my liking.

The procedure is a little uncomfortable, but nothing nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. I love my brows and realise they will go through a process of change over the next few weeks, but know they will look beautiful. I’m so happy I’ve had this done and would recommend Lucy to anybody. – C Stewart

I am thrilled with my eyebrows! I was so nervous about having microblading and Lucy totally put my mind at ease from our first meeting. Lucy allocated plenty of time for your consultations, actual appointment and top-up appointment. She is very professional, lovely and really listens to what you want. I would highly recommend her. – S Healy

I recently had my eyebrows microbladed by Lucy and I am delighted with them. They look so good, so natural and I now have brows that frame my face beautifully. Very happy customer! Lucy was excellent beforehand taking time to understand what I wanted and reassuring me on what to expect before, during and after. She has been doing this for 20+ years and definitely knows what she’s talking about. Can’t recommend Lucy highly enough. If you’re thinking about getting your brows done then talk to Lucy first! – R Evans

Cannot recommend Lucy enough for Microblading! Absolutely in love with my new Brows. I honestly didn’t think that adding to my none existent Brows could look so Natural. Very Friendly and professional service! Cannot wait for my Top up – K Hutchins

Semi Permanent Makeup 

Professionalism, appropriate advice and care; notwithstanding the perfection of treatment – exceptional service = extremely satisfied customer – K Edmunds

So pleased with my new eye brows. Small story, my friend at work decided to pluck my brows when I was 16 (now 54) call my a wuss the pain was horrendous never touch my eyebrows again. A couple of years ago they all fell out, so I had wax ,pencil , stencils my brows never matched always self conscious about them, then I heard about microblading .Very very nervous as past experience with brows all them years ago but Sam put me at my ease when phoned and chatted about the different things I could have. Booked appointment and had them done last week. Lucy you are patient and lovely person ,she listened and took control. .Yes it’s a bit uncomfortable but well worth it absolutely fantastic my new match perfect micro eyebrows. Thank you so much in giving me my confidence back and it’s only been a week. – K Knight

I was fed up every morning of applying eyebrow pencil to try and get a brow. I always used to look a people with prominent beautiful eyebrows and think, wow, I’d love to have eyebrows like them. Now I Do!  Thanks to Lucy. They have not only transformed my features but enhanced my eyes dramatically.
Lucy is just an amazing person, she made me feel so at ease. The transformation was truly unbelievable!’

I looked so much younger, my eyes sparkled and were lifted..  – C Pinfold

Since my initial meeting with Lucy, I have had eyeliner top and bottom done, then went bold on my top lid. No more application of eyeliner, its fantastic. I’ve had my lips done too. I had a process called blush (where the outline of your lips are enhanced and then Lucy blushes it into your lips). I wanted a perfect pout without having to have fillers and now I have one. My lips are amazing,

If I leave my lipstick at home, then I still have lovely pouted coloured lips. When I add lipstick it just makes my lips look even better.

I am a 44 year old mum of two !!! I go to the gym five times a week . . I used to take ages to perfect my make up . . and when returning from the gym would look in the mirror and think “oh dear “.

These days it takes me five minutes , literally. A bit of eyeshadow , slap on a bit of mascara . . and I’m done and when I have sweated myself to the limit at the gym , I think I still look . . well great , no smudged eyeliner or dripping eye brow pencil and my lips still look like I have colour on all the time .

If I’m going out at night , I just enhance my permanent make up with a little more of my contrasting colours . . and its just amazing .
Anyone who has thought about having permanent make up should have no reservations at contacting Lucy at Beautique , ten years younger is an understatement , its fantastic and permanent !!! . Lucy is so professional and caring ,you instantly feel at ease, and she provides you with full after care routines, to ensure best results from your permanent make up .

The only down side is , I have had everything done now and can’t think of any other permanent make up I can have . .J Gough 


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