Regain Your Confidence EMFEMME 360 is the shortest RF non-invasive treatment to address a wide range of women’s wellness concerns. Short and easy Treatment Times it is a non-surgical procedure so no down time. It’s a completely comfortable procedure giving you peace of mind.



Who is the treatment suitable for?

This procedure is a great option for women who desire non-surgical improvement of vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction. Whether stemming from aging, childbirth, or cosmetic insecurities, it doesn’t matter. We’ve got you covered. EmFemme 360 can aid in enhancing your confidence.

How does the treatment work?

The tip is inserted through the introitus inside the vaginal canal, moving slowly alongside forward and backward. EmFemme 360 uses unique 360° radiofrequency energy to gently heat the tissue and improve its condition. The heat helps to restore women’s intimate well-being without discomfort or downtime.

Why should I have this treatment?

Is a quick and easy-to-perform treatment which homogeneously delivers volumetric heating throughout the treated area. It is non-invasive which means no surgery, no anaesthetic and little to no downtime. Individual treatments take as little as 8 minutes it is comfortable with homogenous 360 volumetric heating. It uses gentle RF heat to tighten internal and external vaginal muscles, increase blood circulation and help relax and relieve muscle pain and spasms. As a result, EmFemme 360 helps to address vaginal moisture, urinary incontinence, internal and external vaginal tissue quality and laxity and clitoral atrophy. 

Treatment Information

How many treatments will I need?

Three treatments scheduled once a week are recommended. Usually, internal treatment takes eight minutes and external treatment is based on your specific needs, but generally less than fifteen minutes.

What should I expect to see following the treatment?

You might feel pleasant and comfortable heat. Following the treatment, you may notice mild redness and swelling in the treatment area. This usually disappears within a few hours. You may resume normal activity immediately afterward. You may observe improvement after a single session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few weeks.


At Lucy Foster Clinic we have a comprehensive approach to skin… C-ing is believing!  We CARE about how your feel about your skin, our thorough CONSULTATION process and skin analysis helps us to determine what treatments would be best for you. Following your treatment we encourage you to COMMUNICATE with us so we can work with you to help achieve CONTINUITY in the results you see and feel post treatment. We can put together a tailormade treatment plan including guidance for at home skincare, sun protection, in house non-invasive treatment options as well as medical grade aesthetic treatments to maximise your results. We can also help support you on your skin journey from the inside out with our range of nutraceuticals and collagen rich supplements.  


EmFemme Internal OR External


EmFemme Internal or External (course of 4)


Emfemme Combination Internal and External


Emfemme Combination Internal and External (course of 4)