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If you’re looking for brighter, smoother, younger skin our chemical peels are the most advanced range available. Our specific peel ranges enable us to treat hyper-pigmentation, the signs of ageing, acne, breakouts, congestion, oil production and other imperfections. Whatever your skin concerns our specialist therapists can help personalise personalise your programme, guiding you to the correct treatments suited to your skin.

Global eyecon

Specific professional treatment programme to fight the signs of aging and fatigue in the eye contour. This treatment will help to correct multiple eye contour imperfections: wrinkles, under-eye circles, bags and drooping upper eyelid. Cumulative and visible results from the first session.

Global eyecon is a convenient, effective programme combining both a peel with a transepidermal solution and no need for any needles.

The programme consists of six sessions, alternating three periocular peel sessions with three trans-epidermal sessions and can be combined with other treatments or as a standalone programme


Global Eyecon Package


Mesoestetic Mesopeels

Here at Lucy Foster our specific peel ranges enable us to treat hyper-pigmentation, the signs of ageing, acne, breakouts, congestion, oil production, and other imperfections. MesoPeels by Mesoestetic are fully combinable and can be administered as multilayers, allowing us to treat more than one concern at a time.

Regular maintenance peels promote your skin’s healthy appearance improving texture and providing a preventative anti-aging / antibacterial effect.

A course of peels maybe recommended as part of your skincare programme.

It is essential when treating with chemical peels to properly prepare the skin prior to any treatment and to always follow our professional home care advice post-procedure. Your skin therapist will discuss this with you at your initial consultation. Mesoestetic provides us with an extensive range of home care products formulated to prepare, perfect, and prolong your results obtained with our in-clinic treatments.



Mesoestectic Cosmelan

The worlds leading depigmentation treatment


Cosmelan, is the world’s leading professional depigmentation method for treating the most severe and stubborn skin spots.

Excellent results in the short and long term thanks to its unique dual action mechanism: corrective and regulatory. On the one hand, it eliminates the visible spot, but also acts on the source of the problem, regulating the overproduction of pigment to prevent its reappearance.

The Cosmelan method is a topical treatment lasting approximately six months that combines a single clinic session with the at-home treatment necessary to obtain optimum results.



The treatment continues at home. Under your skin practitioners advice and recommendations, you must adhere to a regimen for the application of the products which will vary according to the phase and progress of the treatment.

The depigmentation process continues and we work on the source of the problem for a lasting result.




Chemical peels

Is it painful?

The most common question we get asked is will my skin peel off? Most of our peels are designed to be pain-free and carry minimal downtime if any.  It can be common to feel a slight heat and tingling sensation whilst the peel is on. Following this, your aesthetician will provide a cooling mask that will help to soothe, protect and hydrate your skin.

Which peel is right for me?

Peels are measured in strength by percentage.  Our experienced Skin Practitioners are here to discuss your expectations & they will provide you with a complete Skin Journey, helping you to achieve your skin goals in the best way possible. During the consultation, you will complete an in-depth Skin Analysis allowing us to prescribe the correct programme for you.

How many will I need?

We see the most changes in the skin after our peel courses combined with prescribed home care. That is why our skincare packages work out the best value for your money. No hidden costs, just real and honest results.


We are unable to treat anyone who hasn’t prepped their skin prior to treatment with the necessary home care. This is to prevent any reactions or restrictions of treatment on skin that isn’t used for medical-grade skincare and aesthetic treatments.

Can I wear makeup after?

We recommend waiting 48 hours after the procedure for any makeup application, however, you can wear mineral makeup immediately after should you need to.We recommend Lightwater veil 50+ or Melan Tinted 130+ by Mesoestetic® as a make-up replacement. They must be applied 1-2 times per day continuously after treatment to protect the skin. Products are inclusive of our Peel Protocol Package.

I’ve booked, how do I prepare for my treatment?


You must –

  • Discontinue use of any exfoliating agents (scrubs) 48 hours prior to your peel treatment
  • Discontinue use of any Retinol, AHA’s, or BHA’s, and take care to avoid self-tan at least 7 days prior to treatment.
  • Avoid waxing, hair removal, bleaching, and sunbed use 14 days prior to your peel.
  • Notify us if cold sores present within 14 days prior to treatment.
  • We recommend the use of Mesoestetic® Peel Booster Serum 15 days prior to any in-clinic MesoPeels. Please incorporate this AHA product into your routine slowly and build up your tolerance.